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What is SoftWave TRT? SoftWave TRT, featuring the OrthoGold system by SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technologies, is now proudly offered at Back to Health Chiropractic - Santa Clarita. This regenerative medicine innovation is acclaimed for its clinical efficacy and is recognized both nationally and internationally. Our clinic offers SoftWave in Santa Clarita CA.

With FDA clearance and a high success rate in clinical trials, SoftWave TRT is a beacon of healing, utilizing patented technology to stimulate the body's natural repair processes at the cellular level. The Science of Healing SoftWave TRT's advanced shock wave therapy is powered by electrohydraulic spark gap technology, coupled with a patented parabolic reflector. This combination produces a broad-reaching electrohydraulic supersonic acoustic wave, which significantly accelerates tissue healing and regeneration.

How does SoftWave Therapy work in Santa Clarita CA?

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An electrical discharge with a high level of energy occurs in water to produce soft waves. The positive and negative poles of an electrode's opposing tips are where the voltage is discharged. A plasma bubble is produced as a result of the voltage being equalized between the two electrode tips due to the arcing or spark gap. Within just a few nanoseconds, this bubble creates a pressure greater than 10 MPa, and scatters in all directions, compressing the water in its vicinity (10-9 ns).

Through parallel waves of low intensity, unfocused SoftWave energy is applied using a proprietary parabolic reflector applicator. Despite traveling 5 times as quickly (3355 mph) in water as it does in air (767 mph), electrohydraulic shock wave energy does not result in microtrauma. It is possible to apply energy to a sizable area of superficial and deep tissue using the SoftWave proprietary unfocused applicator design. This encourages a biological response to the target area, which starts the body's natural healing process.

Is SoftWave Therapy the same as Shockwave Therapy?

Kind of, but not quite. Everyday life is surrounded by shock waves. They are caused by violent pressure fluctuations, such as those caused by supersonic aircraft, explosions, lightning, earthquakes, or other natural occurrences. The wavefront, where compression occurs, is a region of abrupt and severe change in stress, density, and temperature, which distinguishes shock waves from sound waves. When the amplitude is increased, shock waves become faster than sound waves.

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Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT), often known as shockwave therapy, is a non-invasive procedure that involves sending shock waves to an injured location to speed up recovery. This procedure generates shock waves that are incredibly powerful at starting biological regeneration processes at the cellular level. Shockwave therapy is a type of treatment that uses technology to deliver quick, frequent, and high-intensity bursts of mechanical energy (in the form of shockwaves) into sore or inflamed soft tissue.

SoftWave therapy, on the other hand, uses unfocused rather than focused, ESWT. It's a gentler form of shockwave therapy that doesn't result in trauma to the area, and has a larger zone of treatment. It's great for reducing lots of inflammation and stimulates healing.

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