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Posture in Santa Clarita CA and Valencia CA is one of the most important paths to a healthier and happier life. Dr. Carolyn Griffin and Dr. Roger De Sesa at Back to Health Chiropractic in Santa Clarita CA and Valencia CAcan help you avoid a myriad of health complications and alleviate pain by training you to improve and maintain your health through proper posture.

Posture Correction Q & A

How do I know if I have poor posture?

Many people with bad posture may not even realize it. Those with prolonged bad posture can become normalized with the quality of their life and are unable to see the issues at hand. While a hunched back or slouched shoulders may visually represent bad posture, nagging pain, headache, fatigue, and muscle soreness are internalized signs of a need for posture correction. When your body aches you need to listen!

What are some results of poor posture?

The effects of poor posture are widespread. Here are some examples of poor posture and its results:

  • Muscle strain: Neck, back, and jaw strain leading to tension headaches
  • Poor hip stability and alignment: Causing both hip and knee pain
  • Hunched upper body: Pushes rib cage into lungs causes difficulty breathing affects energy levels and increases fatigue
  • Poor forward head posture: Tenses muscles under the chin causing pain and jaw popping

What are some ways Back to Health Chiropractic implements posture correction?

Dr. Carolyn Griffin and Dr. De Sesa at Back to Health Chiropractic are professionally trained to identify and treat posture-related issues. Posture correction can take many forms.

First and foremost is understanding that one’s posture needs to change. This small mental commitment to correcting posture will do more for your health and future than any treatment could.

Once it’s understood that posture correction is the path to take, Back to Health Chiropractic can employ a variety of techniques to help alleviate built-up tension in muscles and loosen spinal and skeletal misalignments.

Beyond physical therapy comes posture correction in the form of ergonomics. From using the correct chair for spinal support with armrests to sitting with your feet flat on the floor, Dr. Griffin and Dr. De Sesa can show you how to properly use these techniques and many more to reinforce posture correction.