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One of the most common forms of pain, shoulder pain, isn’t only an annoyance but it can have a huge detrimental effect on your quality of life. Back to Health Chiropractic in Santa Clarita and Valencia, California, has doctors well versed in tackling all forms of shoulder pain. See Dr. Carolyn Griffin, or Dr. Roger De Sesa for the pain relief you need today to improve your life tomorrow.

Shoulder Pain Q & A

What are the different forms of shoulder pain?

The primary sources of shoulder pain are:

  • Bursitis: Inflammation of the bursae, small fluid sacs that act as cushions between bones
  • Tendonitis: Acute or chronic inflammation of the shoulder tendon
  • Tendon and muscle tears: Damage to soft tissue that can go from acute to a chronic condition
  • Dislocation: Can stretch or loosen muscles and tendons creating shoulder instability
  • Impingement: When movement of the shoulder impinges on the tendons and bursa
  • Arthritis: Osteoarthritis, or wear and tear arthritis causing chronic pain with age
  • Fracture: Broken bones usually due to sports impacts or auto collisions

What are the causes of shoulder pain?

The primary causes of shoulder pain are:

  • Impact injuries: Most often sports related, or motor vehicle accident related

  • Age related wear and tear

  • Stress or inflammation of the joint and surrounding muscles and tendons

  • Repetitive motion injuries

    You should never dismiss shoulder pain that occurs without physical trauma as normal. Other causes of shoulder pain include avascular necrosis, bone tissue deterioration due to low blood supply and a brachial plexus injury, a case of a stress or tear in the nerves that communicate between the spine and shoulder area.

What treatments do Back to Health Chiropractic offer for shoulder pain?

At Back to Health, Dr. Griffin and Dr. De Sesa specialize in a variety of techniques aimed at alleviating nagging pains and increasing mobility to aching shoulders. After correctly identifying the source of the pain, they employ extensive mobility stretches and exercises aimed to release tension to the area and increase blood flow. If the issue stems from subluxations (spinal misalignment), a full spine and body approach will be taken over an isolation treatment. It is important to remember to practice proper technique with and without doctor supervision. Physical health is after all a full time endeavor. Taking home these exercises and executing them regularly will lead to a stronger and more resilient shoulder.


We are in network with most major insurance companies and participate in most discount plans. We will work with you to ensure you receive your maximum insurance benefits to make any remaining balance affordable. Feel free to contact Dr. Griffin at (661) 250-1517 or Dr. De Sesa at (661)-294-0429 for any questions regarding our insurance plans.

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