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For those who love to live a mobile lifestyle, knee pain can be like a death sentence. Why slip into a sedentary lifestyle because of knee pain when you can get the help you need at Back to Health Chiropractic in Santa Clarita and Valencia, California. Dr. Carolyn Griffin and Dr. Roger De Sesa will help you get back on your feet and back to living your active life.

Knee Pain Relief Q & A

Why do I have knee pain?

Knee pain, much like other body pains, can have numerous possible sources. The primary culprit lies within the joint and the tendons that must work in unison for the knee to function normally.

Posture also plays a large role in knee pain, as uneven alignment of the hips along with uneven weight distribution will cause the knees to experience excess and uneven stress.

Common causes of knee injury are physical trauma and sports related injuries. With constant stretching and retracting your ligaments can only bear so much before they tear.

How can I treat knee pain?

Luckily the most common types of knee pain can be treated with relative ease. Back to Health Chiropractic physicians, Dr. Griffin and Dr. De Sesa can help alleviate pain and discomfort through cryotherapy and promote healing through heat therapy.

By identifying the primary cause of the pain they can teach assisted exercises and physical therapy techniques that will allow for faster recovery and a stronger knee. They’ll help track your progress and make sure you’re fully healed for all your future adventures.

How can I prevent future knee pain?

Dr. Griffin and Dr. De Sesa will be able to aid you in knee pain prevention through proper rehabilitation. Learning new physical therapy techniques will make you more aware of the limitations of your knee. Learning when to slow down and when you can speed up will help you avoid future complications.

There are also steps anyone can take to avoid placing unwanted stress on their knees. These steps include:

  • Stretching and warming up before exercise
  • Avoiding downhill running as the angle can agitate the knee
  • Avoiding high impact sports on soft, or hard surfaces
  • Losing weight to lessen the stress on the knees
  • Wearing proper footwear with cushioning and orthotics

    Alway check with your healthcare provider at the first sign of knee pain before it gets worse.


We are in network with most major insurance companies and participate in most discount plans. We will work with you to ensure you receive your maximum insurance benefits to make any remaining balance affordable. Feel free to contact Dr. Griffin at (661) 250-1517 or Dr. De Sesa at (661)-294-0429 for any questions regarding our insurance plans.

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