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Chiropractors located in Santa Clarita, CA & Valencia, CA

There’s nothing more important to Dr. Carolyn Griffin and Dr. Roger De Sesa at Back to Health Chiropractic, than helping patients live their lives unencumbered by acute or chronic pain. Dr. Griffin and Dr. De Sesa offer family care at their offices in Santa Clarita and Valencia, California. They teach families how to stay healthy through exercises, proper posture, and ergonomics. Back to Health Chiropractic family care wants to treat and educate all members of your family for a brighter and healthier future.

Family Care Q & A

What does family care at Back to Health Chiropractic entail?

Back to Health Chiropractic family care programs are aimed at ensuring that their patients are able to enjoy spending time with the ones they love without the stress and pain that bombard us from everyday life. Dr. Griffin and Dr. De Sesa take special care to understand their patients and address their every concern. For children, they closely monitor growth to catch long-lasting conditions, such as scoliosis, before they can cause permanent damage. Children can also be taught the fundamentals of correct posture at a young age, so they’ll be stronger and healthier their whole lives. Parents can rest easy knowing their children are being educated on proper form and posture.

Isn’t it too early for my children to begin chiropractic therapy?

While it’s true that children are less likely to need therapy similar to adults, the most important takeaway for children is a measure of prevention. By learning and mastering proper posture at a young age children can help stave off poor posture related injuries and conditions.

What does a perfectly healthy family have to gain from family care?

Back to Health Chiropractic offers more than just treatments for the body.

Educational classes on food and nutrition can be informative for the young and old. As we age, what we consume becomes more and more important and good habits learned early become lifelong habits.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy diet. Understanding what is and isn’t a healthy diet, and implementing a practical dietary plan can make a real difference in your families’ health and longevity.

In conjunction with their lifestyle advice courses, Back to Health Chiropractic will put you on the right track for a long, healthy, and fulfilling life together with your family.

Diet, exercise, and maintenance are the 3 keys to a life unhindered by unnecessary pain.

Dr. Griffin and Dr. De Sesa strive to enrich the lives of their patients so they can enrich the lives of those around them.


We are in network with most major insurance companies and participate in most discount plans. We will work with you to ensure you receive your maximum insurance benefits to make any remaining balance affordable. Feel free to contact Dr. Griffin at (661) 250-1517 or Dr. De Sesa at (661)-294-0429 for any questions regarding our insurance plans.

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